Please be advised that the Exchange is once again able to accept food donations.

Our number one priority during these challenging times continues to be the safe and efficient provision of food supports to our clients consisting of a combination of food hampers and grocery card supports while ensuring the safety of our incredible staff who maintain this essential service.

In order to ensure that client service continues safely and uninterrupted, our small staff team will be focused on food hamper distribution. We must ensure we keep our essential staff and the Exchange facility COVID-free to maintain our capacity to serve those in most need in our community.

If you know someone who is struggling to make ends meet and be food secure, please have them call the EXCHANGE to speak directly with one of our Care Coordinators. 289-966-1715.

We look forward to receiving food donations and the EXCHANGE food distribution can alos be supported by donation through visiting our website. Donations can be used to supplement shortages of in-demand foods and/or converted into grocery cards for our clients.

Stay Safe,

The Exchange Team