Frequently Asked Questions

I need assistance. How do I sign up for support?

Are you a Caledon resident? If so, call our main number 289-966-1715 to book an appointment with one of our Care Coordinators. If not, please contact a food program within the area you reside in.

I need emergency crisis support right now. Who do I call?

Call 24.7 Crisis Support (1-888-811-2222) or contact 211 for other services in your area.

Can I donate food to the Exchange?

Yes. You can drop off unopened/unexpired food items in the donation bin at the back of the Exchange (55 Healey Road, Bolton). Bin is there any time between Mondays – Fridays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

What food items are most needed?

It is best to answer the question as to what is not needed: pasta noodles, legumes (kidney beans, chickpeas, etc…) and tomato soup. Everything else is needed. We are currently restocking our shelves to help feed local families into 2021.

Is there any type of food that you do not accept?

*For safety reasons, we do not accept dairy or meat directly from community members. (*These can be accepted directly from grocery stores and restaurants.)

Can I donate new/used clothing or household goods to the Exchange?

We do not accept these items at the Exchange. The Exchange is part of Caledon Community Services. Clothing/household goods, new or used, can all be donated to the Evolve stores on Industrial Road, Bolton. ( These stores are also part of Caledon Community Services. All proceeds support Caledon Community Services’ programs; including the Exchange.

How do I speak with someone specific at the Exchange?

Call our main number: 289-966-1715. Dial the extension of the person you wish to speak with at any time.

Care Coordinators – Coral McMahan x208 / Julia x201
Volunteer Coordinator – Tania Spero x277
Manager – Kim D’Eri x202
Director – Michelle Veinot x211

I want to volunteer at the Exchange. How do I do that?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator – Tania Casaluci at 289-966-1715 x277 to make the appropriate arrangements.